I apologise

The web page you’re looking for is currently unavailable. Truth be told I was too generous, donating 5% of the company value to providing hand sanitizer to the Bourne Surgery and Frimley Park. I have no proof that was never about publicity.

I may be back in the future but for now persistent debts have curtailed Bramley Lloyd and owner (me) Christopher David Bramley Lloyd has gone insolvent.

For any business related correspondence. Please continue to use the previous contact details. Messages will be responded to.

To the fans! I wanted to bring craft gin to the masses. For a brief moment I thought I’d do it. I feel like I’ve let a lot ofpeople down and I need to sort myself out. I have many issues to sort before I restart, I’ll be back. Dont know how, don’t know when… I’ll be back in some form.

Stay positive.