About me

Well I’m Christopher David Bramley Lloyd, and I am a rectifier and compounder based in Wrecclesham just outside Farnham. It’s a posh way of saying distiller and blender. I don’t tie myself to being a gin producer. For me everything is about flavour. I actually started this grand adventure wanting to make rum, to an extent I have got my wish…

My ten litre barrel refined rum blend

You’ll notice the demijohns next to the barrel. These are my storage vessels for the diluted alcohol, as it comes out of my still circa 100%, so needs to be watered back. I actually use the Sherry technique, also used by Zacapa for their rums, its called the Solera System. This is where, as old sherry is taken off, the barrel is topped up from a younger barrel. Effectively by continuously blending my stock of pure gin I ensure depth of flavour and consistency.

When you think of micro-distillers, you may have romanticised notions of copper, but my entire set up is glass. I believe this helps to produce a smoother finish. Below is a 2 mins timelapse of about a 1 3/4 hour still run if you feel like watching it. 🙂

The techniques I have learnt from years of studying the alcohol market, have led me through contract production of wheat beer and an allotment vineyard, all the way through to making my own gin. All of which barring the Gin were attempted alongside a day job. I gave that up… And I have never been happier and felt more fulfilled doing a job.